Manufacture Program of Industrial Control




Digital and analogic thermostat, line input for thermal resistance and thermocouple.

On – Off Control, proportional PID, 4 to 20 mA.



Digital Thermometer

Verification for thermal resistance and thermocouple, output 4 to 20 mA, 0 – 10 V, 3 y ½ red digits, 12,7 m/m high.


Electronic Timers

Analogical and digital, front of the board, plug-in at the back of the board, Riel din, retardation to the connection disconnection, impulse prolongation.


Digital Caudal meter

For several liquids, measurement in  m3 /h o Lt/Min. Totalizer or programmable.


Programable Counter

Up to 6 digits in 10 different models, with exit to re read or solid state.



Thermal resistance, thermocouple

Platinum 100 thermal resistance, constantan iron thermocouples, Cromel alumel, platinum rhodio, in all kind of cases AISI 304, 316, 446, Cantal, Silimanita, etc.


Industrial Controls

Digital indication with max and min. Input by tensino, current (cc and ca) frequency, transmitters, caudal meters, pulse generators, etc.


Voltmeter, Ampheremeters

Digitals for CC and CA scale, up 1999, display 3  ½  red digits.  High precision, class 0,2 %


Static Eliminator

For machines with continuous process and a variety of materials preventing the obstruction of the work or dangerous fires, in paper, leather, several plastics, etc.


Electronic Counters

Made of quartz and for multiple events, own feeding up to 8 digits. Time counter, tachometers, units, etc.


Digital Chronometers

From 2, 4 and 6 digits, 10 milliseconds to 9999.99 0 59 min. 59 sec. hundredth.


Digital Tachometers

RPM and Frequency with alarms of max. and min. With input for magnetic sensors, proximity, photoelectric, etc.



Portable to measure the humidity in paper, leather, textiles, wood, tobacco, atmosphere, etc.

Sensors adapted to each type of material and type of measurement.


Portable Instruments

Thermometer for thermocouple and thermal resistance.

Tachometers by reflection or contact.

Thermos hygrometers for humidity and room temperature.

Ph-metros, conductivity meter, infrared thermometer.


Cabinets According to DIN 43.700

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