Manufacture Program for transports and Mechanic Workshop.

Lines of Technical Vehicular Verification:

Measurers of brakes, Measurers of shock absorbers, gases, opacity, windage, headlights aligners, composed by their respective machines, board of measurement and control; computed system of complete generation and high speed operation.

Digital Tachograph:

Small control of speed, driving time for each driver, Km covered and other events that are explained in our commercial technical pamphlet.


For all type of trucks, with control on the accelerator in electromagnetic or pneumatic form, with a proven reliable system in thousands of trucks in all the country and Paraguay.

Doors Control and speed-limiters:

For passengers buses of short, average and long distance of similars characteristic to the trucks, installed in over 2,500 vehicles of Cap.Fed. and Gran Bs. As.

Motors Protectors:

Modern equipment with and without digital indication, for naphtha or  diesel vehicles, with or without speed-limiter included. Read our commercial technical pamphlet.

Alarm Against Robbery or Theft:

 Diverse models of alarm for cars appear in our pamphlet, in which they are detailed the forms of use of each one of them.



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