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Origin and Evolution

Provisions with special developments

Other special developments

Standard Own product developments

Industrial Instrumentation

Standard of recent developments

 Special Equipments Manufacture 


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Origin and Evolution

In 1968 the activities began, as a Temporary Association, beginning with the manufacture of Electronic equipment for Temperature and Humidity Measurement and Regulation, extending itself with Alarm for Banking Security, sub station of energy and telephone exchange.

In January 1972 is registered as a Limited-Liability Company with the Public Registry n° 2136, extending its technical activity and dedicating also to the Industrial Electronic heading, making diverse instruments.

  • Controller: of time and temperature.

  • Thermostats  Pyrometers.

  • Electrostatic load eliminators

  • Null speed Detectors.

In January 1977, it absorbs ALARTRONIC SRL, extending its lines of manufacture with:

  • Programmable electronic counters.

  • Electronic speed controllers for motors

  • Electronic protections of over current.

Condel SRL

Industrial Electronic

Provisions with special developments

·  Control provision for the Peru Project of the C.N.E.A.

·  Ampherometric bolts for SEGBA

·  Protections di/dt for F. C. Gral. Urquiza

·  Constant Current protections  for F. C. Gral. MITRE

·  Tomatoes selectors by color for the Bunge and Born Group

·  Automatic positioner for solar collectors of C.N.E.A.

·  Chronometric Fuse for CITEFA

·  Electronic Measuring poles of Average Tension for SEGBA

·  Temperature transmitter of isolated 4-20 mA for TAYLOR

·  Marine markers with sparkles codified for D.N.V.N. and C.P.

·  Triggers for switches of c.c. for BS As subway

·  Products for Railway Signaling

·  Prove and automatic reconnection system of extra quick switches of C.C., for GRAL. SARMIENTO Railway


Other special developments

·  Short circuit detector in Subterranean Chambers  (DICC)

·  Automatic corrector  of Reactive Power

·  Measuring Pattern of Electrical Energy

·  Over-current protection for Inverse Time

·  Integral protection of Submerged Pumps

·  Fault Fusible Detector in Average Tension

·  Transformers tester with Tension Induced

·  Low Resistance measurers

·  Dielectric strength Measurers. Equipments for the verification of electric protections

·  Switched Power Supply with universal entrance

·  Equipment with 16 bits microcontrollers

·  Real time system based in PC


Standard own product development

·  Control of temperature “Termotest " ®

·  Digital instruments " Indicon " ®

·  Programmable controllers " Conelec " ®

·  Humidity measure " Higrotester " ®

·  Static loads eliminator " Antistatic " ®

·  Timers " Varitex " ®

·  Cases and heads for temperature sensors

·  Explosion-proof head for transmitters

·  Motorized Valves Control

·  Instantaneous Caudal meter and totalizer with limits and integrator

·  Tachometers and Frequency range with limits

·  Low tension and fault phase protection

·  Null Speed Detector

·  Digital controllers for ovens

·  Polyurethane Injection control


All these instruments are of high reliability and are used in industries such as: nutritional, chemical, petrochemical, metallurgical, oil companies, paper, generation and distribution of electric energy,etc.


In the Commercial Organization a more dynamic rate is printed, the number of Technical Salesmen is increased, with the purpose of extending and improving the advising to our real and potential clients, representatives are designated simultaneously in important localities of our country.

It began with the export of diverse instruments of own manufacture and, in separated form or like a integral part of other equipments, they were taken to several foreign countries: Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, etc.

The commercial aspect is extended with the commercialization of electrical and electronic instruments for measurement and control elaborated jointly with colleague factories.

To facilitate the communication with our clients, new telephone lines, telefax and e-mail (Compuserve) are included, a new central with a wide number of internal telephones is installed, having a faster attention for our users.


Main activities 

Line of standard manufacture:

Industrial Instrumentation

  • Panel, portable and industrial thermometers

  • Temperature Electronic controllers: digital and analogic. Pyrometer, thermostat.

  • Temperature transducer, with 4 to 20 mA output for thermocouples, thermal resistances.

  • Sensors and case for temperature (thermal resistance and thermocouple)

  • Electronic Digital counters

  • Electronic Digital tachometer

  • Electrical timers and programmers, analogic and digital

  • Hygrometers to determine the humidity in leather – wood – cotton etc.

  • Protectors of low tension and fault/phase.

  • Protection for over-current, maximum and minimum

  • Digital instruments for electronic board: Ampheremeters, voltmeters, frequency Range, etc

  • Photoelectrical barriers that reaches up 12 metres

  • Industrial controllers for different inputs, V – A – Hz - %-ROM pressure-humidity- volume –level, etc.

  • Controllers for motorized valves.

  • Digital Ampheremeters with maximum and minimum control

  • Digital voltmeter with maximum and minimum control

  • Digital tachometer of RPM, with maximum and minimum control

  • Digital frequency range with maximum and minimum control

  • Electronic time counter, quartz with own feeding

  • Caudal meter with digital indication of Instantaneous Caudal and Totalizing

  • Level detector, max. and min.

  • Production Digital indicators 

  • Units digital controllers produced with or without programming

  • Level Digital indicators

Standard of recent development: 

  • Programmable – microprocessor oven Control

  • Microprocessor Polyurethane Injection Control

  • Microprocessor of Automatic painting oven Control

  • Automatic board for Kneading Machine

  • Automatic board for sealing primmer.


 Special Equipments manufacture


  • Electronic productions di/dt for railway installations

  • Current source electrical protection, for Railway installations

  • Line prove and closing of switches for railway installations

  • Ampheremeters lock to measure Corner boxes

  • Current tension transducer

  • Reading unit for short circuit indicator (DICC)

  • Voltmeters perches to measure tension media

  • Thermometers perches to measure tension media

  • Low resistance measures

  • Flooded routes detector for electrical railways

  • Electrical protection verification

  • Dielectrical rigidity measures

  • Equipments for Test transformers with induced tension

  • Railway signing equipment

  • Traffic lights for railway signing

  • Navy flashlights, for Navigation guide, with solar power

  • Tomatoes automatic electronic selector by color

  • Size electronic selector for fruits




Our Department of Sales, besides to commercialize the line of equipment of our manufacture, sells diverse Instruments for Measurement and Industrial Control, Electrical and Electronic, elaborated altogether with companies colleagues.


Our Company is representing:


·  ELECTRODATA S.A.: Electronic Megometers and Telurimeters

·  PARSEC S.A.: Instruments for Chemical Laboratories

·  TECMES S.A.. : Equipment and Instruments for Measurement and Control of Pressure and Level

·  VARIMAK S.A.: Varieties Electronic of Speed of CC and CA